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I think it is Marty's pure heart or as the Spanish say Corazon Puro. The energy he puts into his massages are simply amazing. He has the natural ability to make you not only at ease with yourself but with your body. He helps you relax by his touch. I have never enjoyed and felt more at home in a massage setting than with my two massages with Marty, To go to Maui and miss this unique experience would be a great disservice to yourself as well as your partner. I cannot imagine a better way for a couple to start and to end their stay on Maui than a Massage for Men by Marty.
Ed Hargrove
American Express Travel Co
Northern California

Maui Flowers

After considerable experience with massage and massage therapy, I can tell you that my experience with Maui Massage for Men ranks at the top of my list! The combination of technique, care and concern, as well as the level of professionalism is outstanding. I would recommend calling and scheduling as often as possible! Even the pricing is great!

Tim J.

Maui Flowers

The best hands in the Pacific belong to the sweetest guy in the Pacific. A massage by Marty dissolves my bones, banishes my demons, and puts me in an altered state in the Aloha state. Thanks Marty--the deeper the better.
Ken Travers M.D.

Maui Flowers

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