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Maui Massage for Men offers non-sexual massages given by a licensed male massage therapist.  Using a combination of styles including LomiLomi, Deep Tissue, Swedish and Hot Stones, a Maui Massage for Men will be designed to meet the needs of your body.


LomiLomi Massage

LomiLomi, translated into English, means "to remove what doesn't belong." Stress, tension, anxiety and pain melt away at the hands of your Maui Massage for Men therapist.  LomiLomi uses hula-like movements to transfer relaxing sensations deep into the body.  



Deep Tissue Massage

Rooted in Swedish Massage, Maui Massage for Men's deep tissue massage combines techniques from ancient China with contemporary knowledge of human musculature. Deep Tissue massage focuses on layers of muscle using slow hand strokes.  Thumb and finger pressure targets specific areas.  Correct pressure and depth accuracy are essential and will increase blood flow and loosen tight muscles.



Swedish Massage

Maui Massage for Men's Swedish massage is another type of deep tissue massage.  Muscles are relaxed as pressure is applied to muscle tissue by using movements that follow the same direction as the flow of blood to the heart.  The increased blood flow from the extremities to the heart helps remove waste from blood and tissue.  Techniques used during Swedish massage help to stretch the ligaments and tendons, too.


Hot Rock Massage

Hot rock massage can be traced back to ancient times. It is used as a modality to release muscle tension and a deep sense of relaxation. Historically not used by Hawaiians, it nonetheless works well with Hawaiian lomi lomi massage by combining long strokes with the heat from warm, smooth river rocks. Done well, the therapist's hands meld with with the rocks and the warmth of the rocks enhances the massage experience.

Maui Massages for Men can be given in the comfort of your hotel room, condo or private home.  The freedom to go “au naturele” is yours.  You are also welcome to enjoy a semi-private, tree-top massage studio located above Wailea on Maui’s south shore. Many believe a massage at the beginning of your vacation is like adding three days to your time on Maui.


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